Immediately After

  • Following the tattoo, leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours but no longer then 24 hours. (You can take it off earlier than 2 hours, but your tattoo might still be a little bit leaky and that is annoying to deal with)
  • You shouldn't need to bandage the tattoo again. Keeping the tattoo wrapped up will suffocate the tattoo and can cause healing complications.

Washing & Moisturizing

  • Use an unscented ANTIBACTIRAL pump soap to wash your your HANDS. Then use clean warm water to rinse the tattoo. (don't put the soap directly on the tattoo. Your body has good bacteria that helps you heal and you don't want to kill it).
  • Wash the tattoo a couple times a day for the next few days. Always make sure your hands are clean before you touch your new tattoo.
  • The tattoo will shed the excess ink/plasma on the surface of the skin. Don't stress! This is completely normal
  • Use an unscented water based lotion (Lubriderm, Eucerin, ect...) when the tattoo starts to dry out.
  • The tattoo will go through a crusty/pealing phase. This is totally normal, just remember to not over due the lotion.

Fresh Air

  • Ultimately giving the tattoo lots of oxygen will help it heal the best!
  • Showers are fine, but don't fully submerge the tattoo into water until it is fully healed.

Things to Avoid

  • Stay away from exposing the tattoo to the sun (even when the tattoo is healed use sunscreen at least where your tattoos are to prevent sun damage).
  • Stay away from your pets for a while. they might look clean but they aren't.... trust me.
  • You also may want to change your bedsheets before you hit the sack so you have a clean environment to sleep. Try not to sleep on the tattoo.
  • Avoid clothing that will rub against the tattoo while it's healing if your tattoo is in an area that bends a lot, do what you can to minimize the movement in that area. I know it's easier said then done, but do what you can do!
  • Don't use tanning beds.
  • Don't use lotions that you stick your fingers in
  • Don't use bar soap.
  • Don't rub dirt on your tattoo.


  • While the tattoo is healing it will get pretty itchy. This is good sign and it means the tattoo is healing the way it should be, however DO NOT ITCH THE TATTOO. If the insatiable urge to itch becomes to much to handle you may lightly pat your tattoo for relieve.